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Release date: Dec 13, 2023

Added features

  • Connectors (Alpha Version) - Seamless integration of Memphis with external data sources and sinks. Currently, it offers support specifically for Kafka.
  • Memphis CLI - Initial functionality. Currently capable of generating a function template, with future expansions planned to include operations on the cluster.
  • Deploy Memphis using a predefined configuration file. Currently supports creating users during broker startup.
  • SDKs update: Node.js SDK (1.2.3), Go SDK (1.2.1), Python SDK (1.2.1), .Net SDK (0.6.2)

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue in the Node.js SDK where a message unacknowledged and resent from the Memphis UI was processed twice.
  • Resolved the problem of unresponsive clicks on a DLS message in the Memphis UI.
  • Corrected the issue where functions remained undeleted after disconnecting a Github repository.
  • Addressed the problem in the Memphis UI that prevented producing more than one message.
  • Solved the occasional display issue on the stations’ page/main dashboard where not all stations were shown.

Known issues

  • Issue with broker authentication not functioning when using connection-token-based authentication.
  • Memphis GUI becomes unresponsive when storage capacity hits 100% and remains so until cleaned up by at least 10%.
  • Delays observed in establishing connections with the broker when connecting via localhost (port forward).
  • Occasional Slack integration issues, leading to exceeding the Slack API rate limit and resulting in lost notifications.
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