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v0.4.1 - beta

Release date: November 24th, 2022
Please make sure your SDKs are updated to the latest version to enjoy new features

Added features

  • Improved system logs: each log contain its source
  • Improved station auditing
  • SocketIO changed to WebSockets


  • UI improvements - "Next steps," schemaverse, bug fixes
  • Broker performance improvements
  • Node.js SDK (0.4.5)
  • Go SDK (0.1.6)
  • Python SDK (0.2.3)

Fixed bugs

  • Users report a rare crash with a fatal log that says “Failed to create syslogs stream: cluster readiness timeout” - fixed
  • Missing broker when downloading system logs file - fixed

Known issues

  • Authentication - Application-type users connect with Memphis (via the SDKs) using a connection-token. For now, this token is constant and randomly generated per Memphis deployment
  • Users using an old version of the SDKs - An error message appears on the station overview page saying, “Error while getting notified about a poison message: Missing mandatory message headers”
  • When storage usage reaches 100%, Memphis UI is not responsive
Last modified 11mo ago