v0.2.0 - beta

Release date: June 5th, 2022

✨ Added features

  • Coverage tests
  • CLI will alert in case a newer version is available
  • Real-time data (UI dashboards) is getting updated over Sockets instead of HTTP - UI performance is now much better
  • System logs screen - UI
  • Memphis version can be seen in the UI and in the CLI
  • Observability - system components status (UI)
  • Observability - total stations/messages across the entire system (UI)
  • Observability - connected producers/consumers to a station (UI)
  • Observability - station audit logs (UI)
  • Observability - last 50 messages in a station (UI)
  • Python SDK

🪰 Fixed bugs

  • Only users from type applications can connect with Memphis (SDK connection) - Now also the root user can connect via the SDKs.
  • System logs are not persistent - logs persist inside Memphis's internal DB for 30 days
  • Zombie resources (connections/producers/consumers) caused by downtime of an application connected to Memphis / downtime of Memphis during an active connection with an application - We've added a background task responsible to clean those zombie resources.
  • Producers/consumers connected to a Station that has been deleted are not getting disconnected automatically - fixed

😔 Known issues

  • Authentication - users from type applications connect with Memphis (via the SDKs) using a connection token. For now, this token is constant per Memphis environment.
  • System components - UI service appears as unhealthy