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Deploy on GCP

Using Terraform


Google Cloud Platform is one of the world's three most popular cloud providers. It offers a high-performance infrastructure for cloud computing, data analytics & machine learning. Secure, reliable, and high-performance cloud services.
At the moment, memphis utilizing Terraform to automate the entire deployment process from VPC creation, to K8S, to memphis deployment.
Terraform codifies cloud APIs into declarative configuration files.


gcloud auth application-default login
  • Enable API services:
gcloud config set project YOUR_PROJECT_ID
gcloud services enable

Terraform Installation Flow

Step 0: Clone Memphis-Terraform repo

git clone [email protected]:memphisdev/memphis-terraform.git && \
cd memphis-terraform/GCP/GKE

Step 1: Deploy GKE Cluster using Terraform

In this step, you will need your projectID.
make infra
Memphis uses "makefile" instead of running three terraform commands

Step 2: Deploy Memphis

make cluster
Once deployment is complete, the Memphis Load Balancer URL will be revealed.

Step 3: Login to Memphis

Display memphis load balancer public IP by running the following -
kubectl get svc -n memphis
The UI will be available through https://<Public IP>:9000

Appendix A: Clean (Remove) Memphis Terraform deployment

Destroy Memphis App -
make destroymemphis
It might take a few minutes for the ALB to be deleted.
Destroy Memphis GKE Cluster -
make destroyinfra
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