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Release date: 8.8.2023

Added features

  • Partitions! To increase throughput and performance. More about it here.
  • Memphis Functions: phase 1 - Integration and sync with GitHub repositories to auto-discovery functions to sync.
  • Inactive producers/consumers garbage collection: dynamic and configurable through the environment configuration.
  • Ability to resend all the Dead-letter messages at once through the web console.
  • Ack-based retention policy. More here.
  • Schemaverse is now supporting Avro. More here.
  • Produce messages through the web console.
  • Node.js SDK (1.1.1) Go SDK (1.1.1) Python SDK (1.1.1) .Net SDK (0.3.0)
Please make sure to upgrade your SDKs!. This is a mandatory requirement for clients when upgrading to this version

Fixed bugs

  • In very rare situations pod restart in a cluster mode could lead to a cluster crash - fixed
  • Consumer issues with startConsumeFromSeq option - fixed

Known issues

  • When storage capacity reaches 100%, Memphis GUI becomes unresponsive till cleaned up by at least 10%
  • Slower client connection establishment when connecting through localhost in a K8S environment (port-forward)
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