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Release date: Nov 26, 2023

Added features

  • ​Memphis Functions (Alpha): A Dev-first Framework, Created To Equip Any Developer With Data Engineering Superpowers By Developing Or Employing Serverless Functions For Implementing Real-Time Data Pipelines.
  • ​Produce data simultaneously to several stations using a single producer.
  • Node.js SDK (1.2.0) Go SDK (1.2.0) Python SDK (1.2.0) .Net SDK (0.6.0)
  • The Monitoring section now features updated dashboards with Memphis metrics.

Fixed bugs

  • Clients experiencing timeout errors - resolved by upgrading the SDK version.
  • REST GW authentication issues when trying to send JWT as a query string parameter - fixed

Known issues

  • The stations' page / main dashboard sometimes does not show all stations
  • Connection-token-based authentication for the broker is not working
  • When storage capacity reaches 100%, Memphis GUI becomes unresponsive till cleaned up by at least 10%
  • Slower connection establishment with the broker when connecting through localhost (port forward)
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