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Release date: 10.7.2023

Added features

  • Storage tiering now supports any S3 V2 protocol-compatible vendor, including GCP Cloud storage, MinIO, Dell ECS, and Digitalocean object storage.
  • Client reconnection performance improvements.
  • Schemaverse now supports management operations via code.
  • Manual addition of Memphis credentials values within the helm values.conf.
  • Self-managed K8s secrets with all Memphis credentials can be supplied during helm installation instead of randomly regenerated secrets. To enable self-creation of credentials.
  • Client libs updates: Node.js SDK (1.0.7) Go SDK (1.0.4) Python SDK (1.0.5) .NET SDK(0.2.1)

Fixed bugs

  • DLS messages are not cleaned up on station removal - fixed
  • Critical bug: Cluster crash when rebooting a broker - fixed
  • "Message journey" causes UI crash - fixed

Known issues

  • When storage capacity reaches 100%, Memphis GUI becomes unresponsive till cleaned up by at least 10%
  • Slower connection establishment with the broker when connecting through localhost (port forward)
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