3 - Upgrade

How to upgrade Memphis on Docker

How to upgrade?

Step 1: shutdown Memphis containers

docker rm -f $(docker ps -a | grep -i memphis | awk '{print $1}')

Step 2: remove memphis docker images

docker image rm -f $(docker image ls | grep -i memphis)

Step 3: Reinstall memphis according to the version you upgrade to:

Stable -

curl -s https://superstreamlabs.github.io/memphis-docker/docker-compose.yml -o docker-compose.yml && docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p memphis up

Latest -

curl -s https://superstreamlabs.github.io/memphis-docker/docker-compose-latest.yml -o docker-compose-latest.yml && docker compose -f docker-compose-latest.yml -p memphis up

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