2 - Access

How to access Memphis after installation

How to access Memphis

Internal access

Run the following to expose Memphis via port-forward

kubectl port-forward service/memphis 6666:6666 9000:9000 7770:7770 --namespace memphis > /dev/null &


UI/CLI root username - root
UI/CLI root Password - kubectl get secret memphis-creds -n memphis -o jsonpath="{.data.ROOT_PASSWORD}" | base64 --decode

Head to http://localhost:9000

Public access

Step 1: Deploy self-signed cert

  1. Install mkcert and generate a certificate

mkcert -install
mkcert -cert-file memphis.pem -key-file memphis-key.pem "*.memphis.dev"

2. Create a secret with the new cert and private key

kubectl create secret generic tls-secret --from-file=memphis.pem --from-file=memphis-key.pem -n memphis

3. Reinstall Memphis with the cert

helm install my-memphis memphis --set global.cluster.enabled="true",websocket.tls.cert="memphis.pem",websocket.tls.key="memphis-key.pem",websocket.tls.secret.name="tls-secret" --create-namespace --namespace memphis --wait

Step 2: Create the LB

  1. Run the following

kubectl expose service memphis --port=9000,7770,6666  --name=external-service --type=LoadBalancer -n memphis
kubectl expose service memphis-rest-gateway --port=4444  --name=http-external-service --type=LoadBalancer -n memphis
kubectl -n memphis patch svc external-service -p '{"spec":{"ports": [{"port": 443,"name":"https","targetPort": 9000}]}}'

2. Add the certificate to the LB as well

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