"Schema validation has failed: Invalid message format, expecting protobuf"

When producing messages to Memphis without attaching a schema, the SDK produce function is expecting to receive a bytes array, and therefore the standard message-producing implementation uses Buffer.from(<string>)

When attaching a schema, the producer is forced to pass the format that used in the schema creation, for example protobuf, and therefore we remove the Buffer.from(<string>) and use (example in JS) -

await producer.produce({
    message: payload,
    headers: headers

Release v0.4.0 - For protobuf, consumers are required to self-decode consumed messages with a self-hosted .proto file

const memphis = require("memphis-dev");
var protobuf = require("protobufjs");

(async function () {
    try {
        await memphis.connect({
            host: "localhost",
            username: "root",
            connectionToken: "memphis"

        const consumer = await memphis.consumer({
            stationName: "marketing",
            consumerName: "cons1",
            consumerGroup: "cg_cons1",
            maxMsgDeliveries: 3,
            maxAckTimeMs: 2000,
            genUniqueSuffix: true

        const root = await protobuf.load("schema.proto");
        var TestMessage = root.lookupType("Test");

        consumer.on("message", message => {
            const x = message.getData()
            var msg = TestMessage.decode(x);
        consumer.on("error", error => {
    } catch (ex) {

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