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How to configure a Grafana dashboard to visualize Memphis metrics


As Grafana is one of the most popular tools for centralized monitoring, Memphis provides a Prometheus exporter to enable Grafana users to monitor Memphis.


  • K8S-based Memphis
  • Memphis Prometheus exporter
  • Configured Prometheus
  • Grafana with prometheus configured as a data source

Getting started

Step 0: Configuring Prometheus to collect pods' logs

Validate that Prometheus.yml configfile contains "kubernetes-pods" job. Its mandatory to scrape Memphis exporter metrics automatically.
honor_labels: true
job_name: kubernetes-pods
- role: pod
- action: keep
regex: true
- __meta_kubernetes_pod_annotation_prometheus_io_scrape

Step 1: Enabling Memphis Prometheus exporter

If you haven't installed Memphis with the exporter.enabled yet
helm install memphis memphis \
--create-namespace --namespace memphis --wait \
--set \
If Memphis is already installed -

Obtain the credentials used to hold the Metadata data on your current release:

export CT=$(kubectl get secret --namespace "memphis" memphis-creds -o jsonpath="{.data.CONNECTION_TOKEN}" | base64 -d)
export ROOT_PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret --namespace "memphis" memphis-creds -o jsonpath="{.data.ROOT_PASSWORD}" | base64 -d)
export PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret --namespace "memphis" memphis-metadata -o jsonpath="{.data.password}" | base64 -d)
export REPMGR_PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret --namespace "memphis" memphis-metadata -o jsonpath="{.data.repmgr-password}" | base64 -d)
export ADMIN_PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret --namespace "memphis" memphis-metadata-coordinator -o jsonpath="{.data.admin-password}" | base64 -d)
export ENCRYPTION_SECRET_KEY=$(kubectl get secret --namespace "memphis" memphis-creds -o jsonpath="{.data.ENCRYPTION_SECRET_KEY}" | base64 -d)

Use helm upgrade to add exporter to the deployment:

helm upgrade memphis memphis/memphis -n memphis --set exporter.enabled=true,metadata.postgresql.password=$PASSWORD,metadata.postgresql.repmgrPassword=$REPMGR_PASSWORD,metadata.pgpool.adminPassword=$ADMIN_PASSWORD,memphis.creds.connectionToken=$CT,memphis.creds.rootPwd=$ROOT_PASSWORD,memphis.creds.encryptionSecretKey=$ENCRYPTION_SECRET_KEY

Step 2: Import Memphis dashboard

Import Memphis dashboard using Memphis dashboard ID: 18050
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