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Release date: 31.5.2023

How to install?


helm repo add memphis --force-update &&
helm install --set memphis.image="memphisos/memphis:stable" memphis memphis/memphis --create-namespace --namespace memphis --wait
More information can be found in the Memphis k8s deployment documentation.

Docker compose (Syntax for v2)

curl -s -o docker-compose.yml && docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p memphis up
More information can be found in the Memphis Docker deployment documentation.

Added features

  • Tiered storage improvements, including AWS SDK V2, to support broader compatible object storage such as MinIO, Cloud storage, DigitalOcean spaces, and more. Thanks, @Bastiaan Schaap, for the fantastic contribution.
  • Integration keys encryption.
  • Python SDK users can now produce a dict object to a station with an enforced protobuf schema.
  • Go SDK - prefetch has been added. Prefetching optimization to improve throughput. Before returning a set of records to the user in consume(), the consumer will initiate the next round of fetches in order to pipeline the fetching overhead and message processing. More here. Thanks, @Dev Pahuja, for the contribution!
  • Performance improvements.
  • GUI loading improvements.
  • Client libs updates: Node.js SDK (1.0.5) Go SDK (1.0.2) Python SDK (1.0.2) .NET SDK(0.1.1)

Fixed bugs

  • Atomicity issues of unacked messages while being routed to the DLS (dead-letter) were lost in some edge cases - fixed
  • msgID structure was missing a validation - fixed
  • GUI shows a corrupted message payload when the encoding is different from utf8 - fixed

Known issues

  • When storage capacity reaches 100%, Memphis GUI becomes unresponsive till cleaned up by at least 10%.
  • DLS messages are not cleaned up on station removal.
  • Slower connection establishment with the broker when connecting through localhost.
  • Critical bug: Cluster crash when rebooting a broker.
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