Release date: Nov 6, 2023

  1. Utilize partition indexing for both producing and consuming messages from partitions.

  2. Enable programmatic consumption from the dead-letter station (DLS).

  3. Python now supports consumer prefetch functionality.

  4. Maintain audit logs for third-party integrations.

  5. Receive alerts for malfunctioning third-party integrations.

  6. Schemaverse: Consumers automatically deserialize messages based on the registered schema.

  7. New SDK versions: Node.js SDK (1.1.5), Go SDK (1.1.4), Python SDK (1.1.4), and .Net SDK (0.5.0).

Please make sure to upgrade your SDKs. This is a mandatory requirement for clients when upgrading to this version

  1. Re-creating a deleted user - fixed.

  2. When no messages were available to fetch, the REST Gateway now returns a 400 status code as expected.

  3. Messages not consistently reaching the Dead-Letter Station (DLS) in the event of a schema failure - fixed.

  4. The problem where producers and consumers would occasionally incorrectly appear as disconnected when they were actually connected - fixed.

  1. The Stations page and main dashboard occasionally fail to display all stations.

  2. Connection-token-based authentication for the broker is currently non-functional.

  3. After connecting a new integration it might appear that there is an issue with the integration, this indication disappear after a few minutes

  4. When storage capacity reaches 100%, the Memphis GUI becomes unresponsive until it's cleared by at least 10%.

  5. Connection establishment with the broker experiences delays when connecting through localhost (port forwarding).

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