v0.3.0 - beta

Release date: July 20th, 2022

Check out our new sandbox https://sandbox.memphis.dev

page3 - Upgrade

✨ Added features

  • UI improve performance

  • JWTs secrets are now randomly generated per environment (available for the k8s deployment)

  • Sandbox environment is now available. UI: sandbox.memphis.dev Broker: broker.sandbox.memphis.dev

  • The station overview page has been redesigned

  • Producers/Consumers are now available in the UI with reacher metadata

  • Consumer max message delivery can be set when creating a new consumer

  • Message metadata is now reacher (producer details, failed consumer groups, size, time sent, and payload)

  • Dead letter messages per Station - for messages reached the maxDelivery per CG - this feature required you to update the SDK you are using to the latest version (Node.js - 0.3.5, Go - 0.1.2).

  • Message journey for dead-letter messages (poison messages)

  • Resend poison message to its failed CGs

  • Go SDK

  • The new version of the Node.js SDK (0.3.5)

🐛 Fixed bugs

  • Producer/Consumer name now supports numbers as well

  • Node.js SDK creates many TCP connections - fixed

😔 Known issues

  • Authentication - users of type “Application” connect with Memphis (via the SDKs) using a connection-token. For now, this token is constant and randomly generated per Memphis deployment.

  • CLI having issues getting a list of producers/consumers

  • For users using an old version of the SDKs, an error message is popped on the station overview page saying “Error while getting notified about a poison message: Missing mandatory message headers”

  • Logs page crashes when containing a lot of data

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