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What is Memphis{dev}?

Memphis{dev} is the only low-code real-time data processing platform that provides a full ecosystem for in-app streaming use cases using memphis distributed message broker with a paradigm of produce-consume that supports modern in-app streaming pipelines and async communication by removing frictions of management, cost, resources, language barriers, and time for data-oriented developers and data engineers, unlike other message brokers and queues that requires a great amount of code, optimizations, adjustments, and mainly time.
​ started as a fork of the project (since 2011), written in GoLang, and creating its stream on top. Instead of topics and queues, Memphis uses stations, which in the future, will become an entity with embedded logic.
Memphis focuses on four pillars
  1. 1.
    Performance - Enhancing cache usage
  2. 2.
    Resiliency - Never lose a message and 99.99995% uptime
  3. 3.
    Observability - Out-of-the-box observability that makes sense and reduces troubleshooting time
  4. 4.
    Developer Experience - Modularity, inline processing, schema management, gitops ability

Start here: Choose your preferred environment -

If you prefer not to install - Sandbox​
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What is Memphis{dev}?
Start here: Choose your preferred environment -