Docker Compose
Deploy Memphis over Docker using Docker compose
For easier onboarding and installation, Memphis can be deployed via docker-compose.

Step 1: Download compose.yaml file

curl -s -o docker-compose.yml

Step 2: Run the compose

docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p memphis up
[+] Running 3/3
β Ώ Container memphis-cluster-1 Creating 0.2s 0.2s 0.2s
β Ώ Container memphis-mongo-1 Creating 0.2s

Deployed Containers

  • memphis-cluster-1: Three (default) MQ workers (Jetstream- and Memphis-made replicas). Responsible for data ingestion and processing, just like Kafka's brokers.
  • memphis-mongo-1: MongoDB, for Memphis internal usage.

Step 3: Access via UI / CLI / SDK

The default port of the UI is 9000:
Default Username: root
Default Password: memphis
For the entire CLI reference and how to install it, please head the following page:
The CLI client connects to Memphis via the UI.
After installing the CLI client, please run the following:
$# mem connect
Use command: mem connect --user <user> --password <password> --server <server>
Example: mem connect -u root -p memphis -s http://<memphis-control-plane>:<port>
Connection configuration to Memphis control plane
Usage: index connect <command> [options]
Connection to Memphis control plane
-u, --user <user> User
-p, --password <password> Password
-s, --server <server> Memphis control plane
-h, --help display help for command
$# mem connect -u root -p memphis -s http://localhost:9000
Connected successfully to Memphis control plane.
For more detailed information, head to the SDKs section below.


Memphis Node.JS SDK can be used to demonstrate the required parameters.

await memphis.connect({
host: "",
port: <port>, // defaults to 6666
username: "<application type username>",
connectionToken: "<connection_token>"
  • host: Usually the control plane or through the UI URL. For example "".
  • username: Usually "root". Head to the users' section via the UI or CLI to add more.
  • connectionToken: Each app that produces and/or consumer data with Memphis uses token authentication. The default value is "memphis".
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Step 1: Download compose.yaml file
Step 2: Run the compose
Step 3: Access via UI / CLI / SDK