Memphis notifications to slack channel
Receive alerts and notifications directly to your chosen slack channel for faster response and better real-time observability.


Step 1: Create an app

Please create an app 'from scratch'
Choose a name. For example - "Memphis"
Choose a workspace.

Step 2: Configure the slack app

Under "Add features and functionality", choose "Bots"
Assign scope by clicking on the "Review Scopes to Add"
Add the following scopes
Install the app (Sometimes you need to switch pages to "Install app" on the left menu)

Step 3: Implement the token in Memphis

Once the slack app is installed, grab the "Bot User OAuth Token" and paste it into Memphis' slack integration model
For the bot token
For the channel ID -> left-click over the designated slack channel in your workspace -> View channel details -> Scroll down in the "About" tab -> Copy and paste the ID

Step 4: Invite the new bot to the required channel

Enter the desired channel -> Click on the "+" button on the bottom-left corner -> Click on "Browse apps."
Search for the newly created slack app.